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Why choose heat powered stove fan

scanning: time:2020-09-03

Wood stoves are energy efficient, have a fantastic look, and most importantly, they keep you warm on those cold nights. But you've noticed one drawback, right? The warmth produced by your beautiful wood stove isn't quite as far-reaching as you require. That's where a wood stove fan comes in.

Wood stove fans circulate the heat further into your home, which means you don't have to position yourself or your family and guests next to it to feel its warmth.


Increase stove efficiency

As the stove heats up, the air around the stove also heats up and rises to the top of the room, the fan helps to circulate this warm air around the room before it reaches the ceiling, and increasing efficiency of your stove, it has an incredible capacity of moving 150 cu-feet of air per minutes around the room depending on the operating temperature. 


Greater comfort

The fan starts to work as soon as the stove heats up, filling every corner of the room with warm air, so you will feel the warmth from your stove much quicker.


Reduce fuel consumption

Because the fan circulates the warm air through the room much quicker, you won’t have to use much fuel to heat your home.


No operating cost

This fan generates its own electricity to operate, so it won’t need any power cords or batteries, it has a thermoelectric module that works like a generator to power the blades of the fan.

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