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A stove fan is a simple yet effective device that is placed on top of your stove and is designed to circulate the heat through out living spaces.Their purpose is to create comfort through the even distribution of heat.

What is the purpose of a stove fan? 
The stove fans are powered by a Thermoelectric Power Generator(TEG).
Although it can't be said that stove fans are silent they do come pretty close. The sound emitted by a stove fan is often described as a soothing whisper. 
TEG powered stove fan needs a difference in temperature between it's base and its cooling fins to generate electricity. The bigger the difference, the faster it works. so the optimum position would be on the stove top, placed in such a way that enables cool air flowing over the cooling fins, like the back or side of the stove. Direct placement in front of the stove or the stove pipe is not an effective use of the stove fan.
Yes, stove fans work with all types of stoves providing that they have a flat metal stove top to sit on.
How does a stove fan work?
Do stove fans make a noise? 
Where on the stove should the stove fan be placed?
Do stove fans work with gas stoves as well as wood stoves?
Do stove fans come with a manufacturer's warranty?
Yes, all of our stove fans come with a manufacturer's one year warranty.

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